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Welcome to the Special Interest Group on Decision Support and Analytics (SIGDSA) – The International Society for Decision Support and Analytics.

AIS SIGDSA provides networking opportunities for people who conduct research, develop and/or teach about any type of decision support/analytics, knowledge management or data management systems intended to support managers and decision makers. Members discuss issues related to the design, history, theory, practice, methods and techniques, new developments, and applications of computing technologies to support decision processes and decision-making by individuals, groups and organizations.


Most Recent SIGDSA Events: 


At ICIS (2017): 

On Sunday, December 10, 2017  SIGDSA successfully conducted the 2017 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium in Seoul, South Korea. The 2017 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium brought together academic and industry experts and professionals who share a common passion for research and pedagogy innovations in the field of business analytics and decision support science! This Symposium was a joint collaboration of the Association for Information Systems and Special Interest Group on Decision Support and Analytics (SIGDSA). 

Good News!!!

Association for Information Systems (AIS) has honored SIGDSA as an Outstanding SIG, Chapter, or College for 2016. This is the third consecutive year that SIGDSA has been awarded Outstanding SIG for AIS (2014, 2015, and 2016). We would like to thank all our officers, members, sponsors, and partners for their contributions.


Past Events:

  1. Successfully conducted the Annual SIGDSA Meeting & Social in AMCIS 2017, Boston, Massachusetts on August 11, 2017. Also conducted the SIGDSA Track papers and poster sessions throughout the conference.
  2. Successfully conducted 2016 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA/IFIP WG8.3 Symposium: Innovations in Data Analytics Sunday, December 11, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland.

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